One of the many ways companies apply to retain employee is by offering good benefits. Benefits entitlement are deliberated to attract talent. Benefits such as Service point, Loan, Optical and so on, can be pre-defined in the system. HR365 Benefits Management module covers end-to-end process including setting up, exercising and payout. These are tracked and captured in the system to avoid duplicated claims and potential disputes.

Key Features

  • Allows the administrator to define different types of benefits. This flexibility allows administrators to incorporate new types of benefits into the module seamlessly.
  • Maintenance and tracking of the employees’ exercising and forfeiture records
  • Allows the administrator to create multiple service point allocation at any time
  • Allows the user to define service points for each employee
  • Flexibility in allowing the administrator to define the payout method either by cash, cheque or payroll
  • Calculation and tracking of loan repayment and settlement
  • Rescheduling of the period and amount of loan repayment
  • Monitoring of active loans which have repayment arrears
  • Integration of loan repayment deductions and benefit-in-kind tax reporting with the employee payroll

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