A systematic claims process enable timely process of employees claims. Employees are likely satisfied and happy when claims are handled accurately and efficiently.

Claims management module supported unlimited claim types. System can also predefined eligibility by employees to avoid disingenuous claims. Each claim will be routed to the respective superior for approval before it is sent to the HR for further process. By automating claim process, organization policy can be enforced with a snap of fingers, human errors can be avoided, and loss of documentation can be eliminated.

The system effectively manage each submission from start to the payout. Such data is maintained by the claim management’s depository for future reference.

Key Features

  • Flexibility to allow user to define all types of claim
  • Comprehensive reporting on total claims made per month, quarter, and yearly by employee or organisation unit level
  • Flexibility to allow employee to submit multiple types of claim items in one claim submission.
  • Integration with Webchart for claim submission
  • Workflow control on approval process
  • Ability to allow Finance personnel to process the approved claims for payout
  • Combination of claims entitlement amount
  • Ability to link the claim with travel request

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