Organisation set-up is a fundamental process in HR software deployment. Unlimited number of entities can be set-up in the system. Once the organszation structure is set up, the hierarchy of the positions in the organisation’s units can be determined and the system will automatically retrieve your employees’ reporting structure from the Personnel module. Such set-up forms the foundation for approval workflow.

It also store organisation statutory bodies such as banks, government bodies and even to other 3rd party or external applications for easy retrieval by different entities.

Each organisation will have their own set of employee details. If the set-up is that of a group of companies, staff movement can be done without any hassle and the historical records of the staff movement are stored in the system.

Key Features

  • Maintain organisation’s information and general organisation policies in HR365 modules
  • Integration with Recruitment Management to generate recruitment requisition when shortage of manpower is identified
  • Integration with Employee Personnel to get real-time actual headcount and complete staff list for each position of each organisation
  • Flexibility to allow user to define multiple organisation unit levels, organisation structure, reporting structure and budgeted headcount in each organisation unit within the group

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