Leave management assist HR in managing employee’s leave entitlement. The module helps companies to automate leave application and approval between staff and their superior, compute leave encashment and track replacement leave properly. System supports add-on in the event of public holiday, other leave computation like annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave etc.

As manpower is critical to an organisation, every leave application has direct impact on the daily business operation; HR365 Leave Management is the right tool to help managing resources without disrupting the business process. Leave application, approval and checking leave balance etc are automated through self-service portal and approval workflow. This reduces dependency on HR to maintain non-critical records and freed up HR resources to focus on more relevant tasks.

Key Features

  • Flexibility to allow user to define unlimited leave types
  • Flexibility to allow user to leave policies for different group of employees according to position, job grade and length of service
  • Flexibility to allow user to define leave type for leave adjustment
  • Flexibility to allow user to set expiry date to leave credited for replacement leave
  • Integration with Time Attendance to allow over time to convert to leave
  • Flexibility to setup Public Holiday Calendar for different location
  • Ability to generate full year leave entitlement to help employee in leave planning
  • Automated engine to generate leave entitlement for new employee and employee involved in leave policy change
  • Ability to produce employee’s final leave balance through termination encashment feature
  • Staff leave application and approval can be done between them via Webchart module
  • Staff leave records information can be available to them via Webchart module

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