Muamalat Bank Bhd comes on board

Muamalat Bank Bhd comes on board

December 2013

Muamalat Bank Bhd, a full-fledged Islamic bank in Malaysia is poised to play a prominent role in providing Islamic banking products and services in the country. With more than 2500 employees, Muamalat Bank strives to strengthen its organizational core values – Employee Values.

It is seeking for a comprehensive Human Resource software to manage its human resource requirements across 18 branches nationwide. With SmartHR, the bank is expected to boost the transparency, accountability and productivity for the organization.

Competing with the existing vendor, SmartHR’s comprehensive integrated HR software and cloud services have make IFCA a preferred choice for the Bank. Today HR360 web application enable cleaner and accurate payroll process, most importantly, the dashboard embedded in the system provides comprehensive parameters for strategic HR planning.

This marked another major business milestone for IFCA360 and it will make good reference for financial institution service Industry.