Managing and administrating employees’ payrolls are one of the most challenging scopes of HR. Other than the agreed remuneration package, the variable reimbursements like overtime wages, allowances, claims, and bonuses can cause a huge mess.

The challenges at its peak during the payout date as variable are at great length, especially managing payroll for hundreds or thousands of employees.

HR365 Payroll Management has a robust computation engine where the transactions can be fed into the payroll system via the feeder applications automatically. The feeder applications such as time management and claim management will provide processed records to the payroll for further computation. Such details can be published into pay slip as an option.

HR365 Payroll Management’s core functionality has all the bells and whistles of a modern payroll management system that help human resources personnel, manage employee payrolls, regardless of the number of the employees at efficient manner.

Key Features

  • Allows the administrator to define own rules for calculating employee salaries, deductions of various payroll components, inclusion of allowances and overtime and attendance deduction
  • Allows the administrator to customise various payroll calculations for multiple companies by making use of the payroll template
  • Allows the administrator to process multiple payrolls for different employee groups in the same month
  • Maintenance and tracking of employees’ past history in regards to payments, allowances, deductions, overtime and benefits
  • Enables the user to create payroll reports for use in statutory submissions, financial transactions and in management analysis
  • Bank auto credit exporting support
  • Compliance with all the statutory requirements
  • Integration with other Human Resource modules such as Time Management module, Leave Module, Claims Module, employee benefits module and various other modules

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