An organisation is as good as the people working in it. The challenge is to find the right people for the role. Recruiting suitable employee from the vast pool of talent has always been a daunting task for HR recruiters. One of the key modules in HR365 is the Recruitment Management module. Here, we put huge emphasis to track the source of the candidate, manage candidate talent pool, invite candidates for job interview and schedule interviews until the job offer letters are appended.

Besides getting the right person for the job, it is equally important to hire them at the right time. HR365 gives recruiters a control of where they can identify the best talent for the job. This information is vital to help in planning; reducing hiring costs and shortens the hiring process, especially key management positions.

The Recruitment Management is neatly collaborated with the Manpower Planning module, where the department head can request for a position based on the budgeted headcount. The entire recruitment process from requisition and candidate sourcing, to interview progress will provide hiring managers with an overview for better control and monitoring.

Key Features

  • Ability to track recruitment cost
  • Ability to manage recruitment channel
  • Track recruitment request by respective Head of Department, including the headcount for vacant positions and required period
  • Maintain applicant information in Talent Pool
  • Ability to search for candidate based on wide spectrum of search criteria
  • Integration with Employee Personnel and Organization Structure for successful applicants
  • Email notification can be generated from the system for applicants’ interview arrangement

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