SmartHR Roadshow Kicks Off

SmartHR Roadshow Kicks Off

September 2013

Since its first launch in East Malaysia, SmartHR has gained tremendous limelight in the beautiful Borneo Sabah. A series of roadshows has follow suit after the launch, these include Penang and Johor. Needlessly, SmartHR has attracted vast interests from these two markets.

SmartHR modern and smart innovations are the trending topic that covers in leading publications such as ComputerWorld and Sabah – the Borneo Post, Sabah Times, Asia Times etc. These smart innovations include smartphone and tablets computing, workflow engine, self-service portal, alerts & notifications, green reporting and management dashboard.

“Some software company may have the features in place but would not be as complete as ours” says Jay Ron, General Manager. “SmartHR encapsulates what HR Professionals are seeking. These are mobility, comprehensiveness and innovation.” Added Jay Ron.