Time tracking has always been one of the basis for organisation to justify the payout. Although many organisations have moved from standard clock-in policy to flexi-hours, clock-in/out to mark attendance are still prevalent in practice.

Such time attendance utmost essential for industry which operate around the clock. Huge staff force with rotating shift patterns require HR365 Time Management module.

HR365 Time Management system is designed with the flexibility to incorporate parameters and scripted formulas according to your organisation’s policies. It enables accurate employees’ payout by the work hours and work days recorded in the system. A week job done by HR/Payroll personnel to compute the attendance will only take spent minutes to process by using Time Management module. Heads of departments can view real time records on attendance and decide on next course of action without ambiguity and hesitant.

Key Features

  • Common holidays and regional holidays can be captured from Holiday Calendar during shift pattern creation
  • Flexibility to allow user to define multiple shift patterns and generate duty roster for different groups of employees
  • Flexibility to allow user to assign duty roster by batch or individual employee
  • Flexibility to allow user to swap work shift among employees
  • Flexibility to allow user to define the lateness deduction rules
  • Tracking and reporting on absenteeism, late, early leavers
  • Integration with leave application to identify employee leave day and worked day
  • Flexibility to allow user to define the computation rules of overtime
  • Integration with Webchart for over time submission
  • Comprehensive reporting for analysis purpose

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