Human Resource data are essential for analysis and decision making. Most organization which manage its HR processes manually would have a hard time to consolidate these data, not to mention completeness and comprehensiveness. Human resource information may range from hiring records, employee training, skills and competencies, to remuneration of employees

SmartHR’s Webchart pull and dissect the data into a logical form for a snapshot. Such webcharts give good overview of HR conditions at a glance.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensively summarizes data concerning all of the employees, their supervisors and the management in an organization. The summary is provided according to the activities in SmartHR, based on their user’s role.
  • The employee and supervisors self-service features, frees up time for the HR to enable better people management and carrying out of other HR related duties.
  • Creates self-reliance in employees and supervisors since they can obtain the information required at any time without having to rely on HR personnel.
  • Allows users to view relevant information such as pay slips online and print them only when necessary.
  • Linking of leave application, overtime application, travel request application and claim submission with the workflow approval.
  • Allows Decision-Making Information to be available to relevant parties in Graphs and Charts which can be static or dynamic.